Cathy O’Mahoney – Who am I?


Cathy O’Mahoney, LLB, Cert. ADR
Cathy O'Mahoney of Divorce NicelyI am a Divorce Consultant, a former family solicitor and a mediator. I can help you to look at all of your optionsĀ if you have reached the unhappy decision that you can no longer remain with your partner or spouse. You may have already made the decision that you or your spouse or partner will move out, or you may be trying to work out the best way forward. You may be completely confused as to what to do. One thing is certain – if you do decide to separate, everything is going to be very different.

When relationships do break down, many couples find it very difficult to communicate with each other. It is important to keep talking or misunderstandings can easily happen.

There is a better way

A divorce settlement agreed between you is much more likely to be satisfactory to you than a contested divorce settlement. If both of you are willing to attend mediation, and with an open mind, then the possibilities are limitless. Conversely, divorcing and separating couples can run up many thousands of pounds in legal costs if they are unable to agree the terms of their divorce.

How can Divorce Nicely assist?

I can help you both to sort out the important issues arising out of your divorce. Practical issues such as where the children will live; whether one of you will remain at the property; whether the property ought to be sold; how the finances will be sorted; and generally assist you both to work out the terms of your divorce.