Abbey Place Clinic in Faversham

Abbey Place Clinic

Divorce Nicely offers a full service at Abbey Place Clinic in Faversham

As well as initial meetings, I am able to offer joint mediation at this venue through my sister company, Deal Mediation Services. With excellent connections from London and surrounding areas, Abbey Clinic may be the perfect place to deal with your divorce at a much more cost-effective price than London prices. Faversham also has a great deal to offer so you could make a day of it.


A. Divorces Not Yet Commenced

In respect of your divorce and separation, I can assist you with the following:

1. guidance on your divorce paperwork if you wish to do it yourself – this is a personalised service on a 1-to-1 basis

2. help you to find affordable solutions to suit your budget

Through Mediation

3. help both of you to consider how best to sort out all the practical issues

4. help you both to negotiate your property and financial matters

5. help you both with working out what is best for the children

6. point you in the direction of other appropriate professionals if necessary

B. Divorces Already Commenced or in Litigation

If you have already commenced your divorce proceedings through solicitors, the following services may help you to keep costs down:

1. assistance with completing and collating your financial information

2. assistance to both of you with negotiating your property and financial matters

3. assistance to both of you with working out what is best for the children

If it is not listed here and you need assistance, please telephone me to see whether it is a service that I can offer.


There are a range of other services available in Faversham to assist you with all of the practical issues facing you if you decide to separate and/or divorce. Abbey Clinic offers a range of therapies and counselling services to help you through the emotional aspects of divorce and other professionals I have made personal contact with to ensure that you will receive the best possible service.