Do-it-Yourself Divorce – Flat Rate of £100 in East Kent

D-I-Y Divorce Paperwork in Conjunction with Mediation

If you are considering divorce and wish to deal with the paperwork yourself, bear in mind that any mistakes can be costly once a divorce petition has been issued. Mistakes can also delay your divorce. Divorce Nicely are pleased to offer the following service for a flat fee of £100 in East Kent for a straightforward divorce where both participants are in agreement and both participants are committing to the mediation process:

1. Provision of paperwork – this can also be downloaded free of charge from HM Courts & Tribunals Service at:

2. Assistance in helping you to complete the divorce petition.

You will be dealing with Court yourself.

NB: The Court fees will also be applicable unless you qualify for an exemption from this fee in various circumstances. If you wish to check whether you have to pay Court fees, go to:


Mediation with Divorce Nicely

If you then have children, property and financial matters to deal with, the most cost-effective way of dealing with this is through mediation.