SIMPLE CHARGING – No Confusion – no VAT


Divorce Mediation:

Initial meeting lasting up to an hour (Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting – MIAM) – £115 for an individual meeting.

Mediation Sessions – £100 per person per hour – usually a two hour session.

Financial Summaries following financial disclosure – £100 per hour per person.

Memorandum of Understanding – £100 per hour per person.

Divorce Mediation is extremely cost-effective.

If you choose our assisted divorce DIY, that will also provide you with significant savings.

Assisted Divorce:

£100 for personal assistance with the Divorce Petition – only available alongside divorce mediation

Court Fees apply unless you qualify for a fee exemption.

We are also able to assist with the following*:

1.  Assistance with applying for your Decree Nisi

2.  Assistance with applying for your Decree Absolute

*We charge a flat rate of £100 per hour (no VAT) for all assistance with paperwork. Please note that a minimum charge of £50 applies (i.e. up to 30 mins assistance with paperwork).