Before we may start family mediation with you, you will each need to attend a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting.   In order to help you we need to maintain a record of your case, which may contain sensitive personal data.  The law says we must get your consent to do this.  Everything you tell us will be treated confidentially and you can withdraw your consent at any time.  We will retain your personal data for as long as it is necessary to fulfill the purposes for which you are instructing us and as otherwise specified in applicable record retention policies and procedures.

If you take the time to complete the online form, we will ensure your data remains confidential and is not sold or distributed to anyone. We are members of the Information Commissioners Office and our privacy policy contains all relevant information.


If you think this is applicable, or you think your ex-partner may qualify for legal aid, please have a look at the Family Mediation Council to source an alternative provider.  If you or the other participant potentially qualify for legal aid, then both of you will receive your initial assessment meetings funded by the Legal Aid Agency, as well as your initial joint session.

If you attend a mediation information and assessment meeting with us and the other person is willing to attend a mediation information and assessment meeting and potentially qualifies for legal aid, you will need to attend a further assessment meeting with the legal aid provider.

The Family Mediation Council contains a wealth of information about family mediation.

Legal aid takes into account capital as well as income so you will need to know the value of any property, together with your outstanding mortgage, before you can be assessed for legal aid.

Generally speaking, if you are on certain benefits, i.e. Universal Credit, and your capital limits are below the threshhold, then chances are you will qualify for legal aid.

If you wish to check your eligibility, please go to:  Legal Aid Agency


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