Divorce Nicely – East Kent’s one stop shop for divorce and separation

Empowering People by Providing Options

Divorce Nicely is committed to providing an impartial, confidential, AFFORDABLE and collaborative divorce and separation service.

How I can make things easier

I will discuss with you whether reconciliation is a possibility.  If not and you have reached the unhappy decision that your marriage is over, I will then work with you both within your budget to reach an amicable solution without confusion.

Through Divorce Mediation

  • I can help you to look at what assistance is available to you, saving you time and money
  • I can assist you with finding affordable solutions to suit your budget
  • I can help both of you to consider how best to sort out all the practical issues so that you are both involved – this can include assisting you with your financial and property matters
  • I can help you both to work together to do what is best for your children
  • If appropriate, I can point you in the direction of appropriately qualified professionals depending upon your needs. All of those professionals I have met personally to satisfy myself that they will provide you with the best possible service in a professional and sympathetic way
  • I can meet with you after office hours and on Saturday mornings so that you don’t have to take time off work